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Binter Jet Indonesia is a digital printing machine vendor that provides solutions for large format printers established in 2004. PT. Binter Jet Indonesia started by producing the first 5,5 meters width large format printers in 2011. In the digital printing field,  PT. Binter Jet Indonesia has been inspecting advertisements, textiles, and apparel. Hence, in 2015, PT. Binter Jet Indonesia broadened its area of business into digital T-shirt printing.

With Binterjet’s brand, BJET iGO, the printer launched in 2018 with the most reasonable price and succeeded to make a new trend in the digital printing advertisement field. Our customers were interested in our Eco Solvent XP600 printer which is integrated with Wasatch Premium Driver. Our affordable BJET iGO printer’s result is not inferior to made-in-Japan printers, but we gave our customers an affordable price. Our BJET iGO brand has an astounding philosophy that is making our Binterjet customer businesses increase rapidly BJET, which stands for Be a Jet. While iGO indicates a newbie businessman that optimistically decided to go deep into the digital printing field, I Go (You Go).



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Why should Binterjet

The largest and most innovative large format printer vendor in Indonesia and we experience in digital printing industry since 2004.

We provide the latest ICC Profile and RIP Software version and we provide a private discussion to handle your technical problems.

Official Warranty, Official Training, and After sales support oriented.

Created a product for low investment and high return.

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Binterjet Indonesia Solusi Bisnis Mesin Digital Printing

Binterjet indonesiaDistributor Mesin Digital Printing yang memberikan solusi bisnis kepada anda. Mampu melayani kebutuhan digital printing yang mengikuti perkembangan zaman serta update dari segala unsur. Baik secara tenologi digital software serta teknologi yang di tanamkan kepada mesin digital printing yang kami sediakan. 

Binterjet indonesia bekerja sama dengan berbagai vendor mesin digital printing dunia yang sudah teruji kulitasnya secara global, mulai dari mimaki, epson, dan wasatch sebagai penyedia rip software terkemuka dunia.

Kini saatya anda sebagai pengelola bisnis digital printing atau sablon digital menerapkan teknologi yang berkualitas untuk hasil premium bersama binterjet indonesia. kami siap melayani anda